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RBN Code of Ethics

By being a member of RBN or attend RBN functions as a nonmember, one must abide by the following Code of Ethics:

1. To make every effort to furnish quality merchandise and/or service at fair and reasonable prices.

2. To maintain a good standard of conduct; this shall make ones business known for its strict adherence to honorable business practices.

3. To maintain a spirit of harmony with ones clients or customers, wherein merit alone wins their confidence.

4. To use truthful and honest representation in all advertising.

5. To uphold the highest level of professionalism.

6. To promptly respond to all referrals.

7.  Make every effort to skillfully furnish quality merchandise and services of appropriate value at fair and reasonable prices.

8. Honor the spirit of free enterprise with a personal commitment to moral accountability, professional integrity and honest competition.

9.  Agree to be responsible for compliance with any state, federal and local laws, orders, codes and ordinances applicable to the products sold or services rendered.

RBN Members and Guests are required to accept and acknowledge their commitment to the RBN Code of Ethics. Any alleged noncompliance with the CODE OF ETHICS should be reported to RBN. While making every effort to encourage adherence to this CODE OF ETHICS, RBN cannot accept responsibility for alleged instances on noncompliance.


RBN provides a meeting place for busy professionals to meet and to develop business and personal relationships with other busy professionals.  As with any networking opportunity, you may meet people that you want to do business with.  When deciding to do business with another person or company, whether meeting them at a Chamber mixer, church or in some other manner, remember that it is your decision whether you do business with that person or not.  RBN strongly suggests that you perform whatever investigation, evaluation, or reference check that you need to do to be comfortable with your decision prior to engaging in a business transaction with any person or company.  RBN members, like any other networking organization's members, do not submit to an evaluation of their products or services as a condition of membership and RBN has not performed any such action.  
RBN is not liable for any business dispute between members or guests as a result of any relationship created through RBN.  RBN is not liable for any misrepresentation, injury, harm, or other damage you may suffer as a result of your decision to engage in a business activity with any member or guest of RBN.

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