RBN Membership Reactivation Application

There are no weekly or even monthly mandatory attendance requirements.
However, we do require RBN members to attend a minimum of ONE RBN event,

Every 6 Months to keep their membership active.

If you have not attended an RBN event for more than 6 Months,
your membership has been placed in our "Inactive Member" Category.

To reactivate your RBN membership, update/change your business
information and get a new RBN Name Badge, there is a one-time fee of $95.

Please complete and submit this form. 

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RBN Membership Terms & Conditions:

There is no mandatory Weekly attendance at RBN. However, we require a
minimum of 1 RBN VISIT every 6 months to keep your membership active.

Failure to attend at least 1 RBN event every 6 months, will result in loss of
your RBN ID Number and your membership will be classified as “Non-Active”.

To reactivate your RBN Membership, there will be a $95 reactivation fee.

All businesses who are in a category of "Multilevel" (MLM), must only promote
their products and/or services. The RBN policy does not allow recruiting other members
or guests. Failure to comply with this policy will result in Membership Termination.

 The terms of RBN membership can be altered if deemed
in the best interest of RBN and it's members.

Return Policy: All Sales are final.

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