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RBN is the Largest, Most Dynamic, Productive & Fun
Networking Organization in Southern California

We have Proudly Served Over 18,000 Businesses Since 1995

RBN Members

Attend RBN Regional Business Networking Luncheons

Table Top Displays at RBN Luncheons


Priority placement at RBN Expos
Participation in Gift Giving & Receiving
Receive leads and referrals at RBN Regional Luncheons
Speak and mentor at RBN mastermind sessions
Listed in the RBN Web site Directory and Listings
Receive Mailing Address database of RBN Members

* An Important Note to Our Nonmembers, Guests & Visitors:

RBN Expos and Evening Mixers are always open to
RBN Members, Nonmembers, Guests, and Visitors.
All businesses are always welcome to attend and/or
exhibit at any RBN Expo or Evening Mixers.

However, since RBN is a Membership Organization, we welcome
and encourage our nonmembers, guests and visitors to attend
our weekly Regional Networking Luncheons for a period of time
until they become fully aware of the benefits that
RBN Membership offers and join.

RBN is now over 3,000 Registered Members Strong and
has served the Southern California Business
Community for more than 21 Years!


Have Your Best Year Ever this year!
Join RBN with Our Special Offer!

* In order to retain your RBN Lifetime Membership Status,
you need to attend at least ONE RBN EVENT every 6 months.

 The terms of RBN membership can be altered if deemed
in the best interest of RBN and it's membership upon sixty days notice.

RBN Membership Has Many Benefits

RBNís mission is to help, nurture and grow its members to the fullest, both in the area of Effective Business Networking & Training. Therefore, we encourage all who would like to attend RBN regularly or from time to time to be registered as a member of this organization.

RBN Membership Benefits Overview:

You will be listed in the RBN Web site Database. You can be searched for by your name, business field, or any keyword related to your company!
You are linked to your web site and e-mail via the RBN Web site Database
You are qualified to Attend and Participate in RBN Business Luncheons, Elite Mastermind and all other RBN Promotional Programs
You are eligible for Member to Member discounts and RBN Bonus Program
You Receive Table Top Displays at RBN Luncheons for only $20
Win Business Cards of all meeting attendees
Opportunity to Mentor and Speak at RBN Mastermind Sessions
Access to the RBN Member's Address Database
Business Cards & Literature on Community Tables
Giving & Receiving Promotional Gifts & Door Prizes at RBN functions
Self Introductions and Promotions
Your Membership is valid in all regions of RBN
And much more!

Why Consider Joining RBN?

One Organization
One Membership
All Orange County
Over 50 Productive & Fun Networking Events a year


No Restrictions
No Exclusivity
No Rules
No Penalties
Attend events as your time permit
Directory Listing
Communicate with 3,000+ Members
Free Tables at RBN Luncheons
And So Much More!

Join the Largest Networking Group in Southern California
with Over 3,000 Members & Over 26 Years in the Making!

RBN Pricing Summary:

RBN Individual Membership


   Additional Individual Memberships:

     (same company & same location)
RBN Corporate Membership
     Includes up to 3 Individual Memberships
(Spouse or Employees only) - The RBN Corporate Membership does not apply to Multi-Level Marketing Up lines or Down lines).
RBN Expo Tables:
     Exhibitor, RBN Member:
     Exhibitor, Nonmember:
     Sponsor, RBN Member:
     Sponsor, Nonmember:
RBN Luncheon Mini-Tables:
Free (Limited)

RBN Membership Business Change

RBN Membership Reactivation Fee



RBN Luxury Mixer Admission:
$55, $65
4 Foot Exhibit Table & 2 Tickets (Yacht Mixer):
$300, $500
RBN Major Business Expo Admissions:

RBN Pricing may vary at different regions. Subject to change.

RBN Membership Code of Ethics

By becoming a member of RBN, you must agree to the RBN Membership Code of Ethics.
To view the Code of Ethics, please click here.

To Join RBN, Learn more about this group first!

Online Application

RBN is privileged to have enjoyed an impeccable level of service and integrity from its members and guests during the past 2 decades. In order to maintain our high standard of integrity and to protect our members and guests, all RBN Members must comply with the RBN Code of Ethics.

RBN Code of Ethics

RBN Members must abide by the following Code of Ethics:

1. To make every effort to furnish quality merchandise and/or services at fair and reasonable prices.

2. To maintain a good standard of conduct; this shall make ones business known for its strict adherence to honorable business practices.

3. To maintain a spirit of harmony with ones clients or customers, wherein merit alone wins their confidence.

4. To use truthful and honest representation in all advertising.

5. To uphold the highest level of professionalism.

6. To promptly respond to all referrals.

7. Honor the spirit of free enterprise with a personal commitment to moral accountability, professional integrity and honest competition.

8.  Agree to be responsible for compliance with any state, federal and local laws, orders, codes and ordinances applicable to the products sold or services rendered.

RBN Members are required to accept and acknowledge their commitment to the RBN Code of Ethics. Any alleged noncompliance with the CODE OF ETHICS should be reported to RBN.

While making every effort to encourage adherence to this CODE OF ETHICS, RBN cannot accept responsibility for alleged instances on noncompliance.

RBN members must understand that RBN reserves the right to terminate their membership with no refunds of the paid membership fees, if RBN receives 2 or more written complaints indicating the violation of any portions of RBN Codes of Ethics from other members or guests.


RBN provides venues for business professionals to meet and to develop business and personal relationships with other business professionals.  As with any networking opportunity, you may meet people that you want to do business with.  When deciding to do business with another person or company, whether meeting them at a Chamber mixers, RBN events or in some other manner, remember that it is your decision whether you do business with that person or not.  RBN strongly suggests that you perform whatever investigation, evaluation, or reference check that you need to do to be comfortable with your decision prior to engaging in a business transaction with any person or company.  RBN members, like any other networking organization's members, do not submit to an evaluation of their products or services as a condition of membership and RBN has not performed any such action.  RBN is not liable for any business dispute between members or guests as a result of any relationship created through RBN.  RBN is not liable for any misrepresentation, injury, harm, or other damage you may suffer as a result of your decision to engage in a business activity with any member or guest of RBN.

Relationship Building Network, Inc. (RBN) - Your Premier Business Networking Group since 1995
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